Have 30 seconds? Try our most popular new speed game!
Swipe the color card in the right direction as fast as you can. It sounds simple but is incredibly challenging and addictive! Includes three unique game modes to test your reflexes, and in-app purchases for an additional 3 tricky decks.

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Floppy Mack

Enough of that dumb bird game! It's time to graduate elementary school and try Floppy Mackerel. School your friends and unlock the latest fish!

Play a different game every time with randomly generated levels, awesome graphics and fun music!

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Swiper Watch

Swiper was the first standalone game for the Apple Watch! Take 30 seconds to try out this totally new addictive speed game! Choose the correct direction for each card as quickly as you can! Red card = right, Green = left, Blue = down, Yellow = up. Sounds simple, but how many can you get in 30 seconds?! 

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